Dupla Evandro/Arthur Lanci estreia na segunda etapa do Circuito Sul-Americano

Evandro, a two-time Olympian at the ages of 32, is setting his sights on the biggest sporting competition in the world once again. This time, he is forming a new partnership with Arthur Lanci, who is 26 years old. The duo will represent Brazil in the second stage of the South American Circuit in San Juan, Argentina. In this competition, teams earn points for their country across the seven stages of the season.

Evandro expressed his excitement about the new partnership, stating, “Arthur and I decided to join forces and work towards our shared goals. He is a young talent and performed admirably last season. This is a crucial year, and every point we earn will be valuable in the Olympic race. We have strong Brazilian pairs competing for spots, so we must value each competition.”

Arthur Lanci also shared his confidence in the upcoming season, saying, “I have one of the best players in the world by my side. I trust him and the team completely.” Both players trained together at the CBV Training Center in Saquarema to prepare for the season.

In the women’s competition, Josi Alves and Carol Goerl will represent Brazil. They won a silver medal in the Cochabamba stage in 2022. Guillherme Marques, the CBV beach volleyball manager, emphasized the importance of the competitions in the Olympic race, stating, “In 2022, Brazil was the champion of the South American Circuit in both genders. This year, we have already started the season with two medals, and the competitions that count for the Olympic race are even more significant.”

CBV, the Brazilian Volleyball Confederation, is supporting the two pairs competing in the San Juan stage by covering their airfare and food expenses.

The South American Circuit 2023 includes several stages in countries like Chile, Argentina, and Peru. The season will culminate in the finals stage held in Uberlândia, Brazil, from May 18 to 20.

It is worth mentioning that Banco do Brasil is the official sponsor of Brazilian volleyball.